This limited warranty applies to Toyo, Silverstone (Made in TTM) and Nitto Brand Tyres sold in MALAYSIA with approved serial numbers which were manufactured within SIX (6) years.

Any warranty claim must be supported by evidence of manufacturing defect subject to Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s (“TSM”) right to reject any warranty claim for lack of evidence in support of manufacturing defect.

  1. What is covered
    1. Failure due to workmanship or materials during the original usable tread life (remaining tread depth of more than 1.6mm as measured at specified location)
    2. Out of balance or out of round adjustment will only be made during the first 10% of the tread wear.

  2. What is not covered
    1. Damage due to road hazards whether repairable or not (such as cut, snag, bruise, impact break/kerbing, bulge, puncture, improper use of tyre chains, stone drill, chip, scale).
    2. Irregular tread wear or rapid tread wear due to vehicle misalignment.
    3. Damage resulting from improper repair materials or procedures.
    4. Damage from incorrect mounting or dismounting of the tyre; incorrect wheel size; water or other material trapped inside the tyre during mounting or failure to balance the tyres.
    5. Damage or uneven tread wear from, incorrect inflation, overloading, fire, theft, defective mechanical conditions such as brakes, shocks, rims, wreck or collision, misuse, misapplication, negligence, wilful damage or abuse, tyre alteration, tyre spinning, racing or competition purpose.
    6. Damage due to the use of improper or incorrect size tube, such as the use of a non-radial tube in a radial tyre.
    7. Damage, corrosion or rubber deterioration due to the use of oil-based chemicals, water-based sealers, balancing substances, or flammable gases.
    8. Uniformity problems such as ride, balance and vibration complaints after the first 10% of the tread wear.
    9. Replacement of four (4) or more tyres from the same vehicle will not be accepted for ride disturbance complaints i.e. vibration, out of round, out of balance, pulling, noise.
    10. Any tyre which has been run with low air pressure or while flat.
    11. Tyres purchased and/or used outside Malaysia.
    12. Passenger tyres used on pick-up trucks with campers.
    13. Passenger tyres used in commercial services.
    14. Claims made by anyone other than the person who originally purchased the tyre.
    15. Tyres with the serial identification number removed or rendered illegible.
    16. Any tyre not presented and available for inspection by Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia (TSM).
    17. Any tyres worn beyond the wear bars (less than 1.6mm remaining tread).
    18. Adjustment failing to provide with required information as prescribed in the Toyo Adjustment Procedures.

  3. Exclusion

    All obligations or liabilities for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or other incidental or consequential damages are excluded.

  4. Obligations
    1. All customers or owners must present the tyre for warranty claim together with the vehicle on which it was used to an authorized Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia retail tyre dealer.
    2. Any cost of mounting, balancing, alignment and other service charges are payable by the customer or owner.

  5. Conditions
    1. The verification and final judgment of the claim tyres warranty shall be made by person authorized by Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia.
    2. Compensation for authorized adjustments will be computed on a prorated basis.
    3. All tyres accepted for warranty claim shall become the property of Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd.