Prihatin Extended Warranty Program (PEWP)

The Prihatin Extended Warranty (PEWP) programme was held to provide an opportunity for consumers to enjoy additional protection on the purchase of tyres against damage caused by the road hazard issue. It also gives confidence and peace-of-mind to consumers about Toyo Tires product quality.

Please review all terms and conditions carefully. Toyo Tires may revise the term and condition time to time according to the current situation.

  1. Prihatin Extended Warranty Program (PEWP)

    The Prihatin Extended Warranty Program (PEWP) provides specific protection to passenger tires and SUVs namely: -

    1. New replacement market tires branded Toyo Tires with Proxes CR1/CR1 SUV and Proxes TR1 models
    2. Purchased from an authorized Toyo Tires dealers.
    3. Operated in normal service (i.e. for the purpose of its manufacture)
    4. This cover (PEWP) is valid after the registration of the warranty is made within a period of not more than 14 days from the date of purchase.
    5. This coverage period (PEWP) is 6 month OR 10,000 km mileage from the date of purchase (Whichever comes first);
    6. This cover (PEWP) is valid for any tyre purchase (as stated) in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak

    This cover (PEWP) provides cover for ONLY damage as stated below.
    Warranty against road hazard damage such as:

    1. Impact and/or damage to the tire wall which causes it to become swollen.
    2. Tyres is cut off due to sharp objects such as nails, glass fragments and objects that may cause failure in their tyres and cannot be repaired.

  2. Eligibility

    A minimum of two (2) tyre must be purchased in single receipt to be eligible for the PEWP (Prihatin Extended Warranty plan)

  3. Registration.

    Tyre must be register for the PEWP (Prihatin Extended Warranty Program, within 14 days from the dates from purchase. Registration after 14 days period will not be accepted.

    Registration of this program must be made after the registration of the Toyo Tires fan club.

    refer to under Fan Club link for more info.

    a.) Please refer to the steps below for registration steps.

    Step 1 : Register as Toyo Tires Fan Club (TTFC)
    Step 2 : After become TTFC members, go to My Prihatin Page
    Step 3 : Click “Add New Tire” button and fill in the Prihatin Registration form

    By providing your personal data and submitting the same, you shall be deemed to be giving consent to the collection, storage, and/or processing of your personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and any other data protection regulations/legislations

  4. What is not covered by Prihatin Extended Warranty Plan. (PEWP)

    Below are the damages related to tires that are not covered under the plan.

    1. Wear caused by improper and non-recommended balancing and alignments.
    2. All types of damaged tyres. Where the condition may be repaired.
    3. Rim irregularities and rim damage.
    4. Vehicle mechanical failure include brake problems, etc.
    5. Negligent and abusive driving such as tyre spinning or racing
    6. Improper tyre storage
    7. Accident, flood, fire.
    8. Excessive exposure to high temperature
    9. Chemical corrosion
    10. Not recommended usage by the vehicle manufacturer.
    11. Misuse or misapplication
    12. Adding sealant other than the original sealant supplied by tyre manufacturer to the tyre
    13. Regardless of the damage to the tire, which is not specified in Section 1, based on PEWP term and condition.

  5. Obligations

    Toyo Tires will honour warranty claims that meet the guidelines outlined in these Terms and Conditions. All warranty claims will be assessed by Toyo Tires Technical Service department, and final decisions will be made by this team.

    Tire replacement will be completed by participating authorized Toyo Tires dealers.

  6. Warranty Claim

    To make any eligible claim under PEWP plan, make sure you present the tyre to participate dealer, together with booking form which can be found in the registered email, and receive confirmation via email stated that warranty registration* has been approved and confirmed.

    1. Any labour cost will be bear by customer
    2. This warranty does not affect the original TSM Limited Warranty Policy.
    3. No cash refund will provide during the process
    4. PEWP coverages is limited only to the first new tyre and NOT on the replaced tyre.
    5. The parties agree that any dispute will be settled by good faith negotiation, failing which the parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

    * The completed warranty registration must also include a sales invoice as proof of purchase

  7. General

    This warranty is applicable only in Malaysia, subject to Malaysian law and the jurisdiction of the Malaysian Court. Toyo Tire reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate this PEWP without prior notice. You may visit our website under Fan Club link for any updates relating to the program.

    * Toyo Tires means Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. (1128074-X)